Swiss Growth Forum’s unique, branded roadshow luncheons bring together Andreea Porcelli’s international investor contacts from a career spanning 22 years and six countries of residence. Company executives have the opportunity to meet with international fund managers one-on-one or at private luncheon events. Our investor roadshows in Europe, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, and the U.S. last anywhere from 5 – 8 business days and usually touch upon at least six cities. Company executives can expect to meet at least 40 institutional investors during a roadshow.

Apollo Enterprise Solutions has not met any company akin to SGF, that can assist us in getting our message out and sitting in front of the multitude and quality of institutional funds in continental Europe and the United Kingdom. The SGF team is unmatched in the industry.

Joseph Konowiecki

Chairman and CEO, Apollo Enterprise Solutions (AES:BH)

SGF puts together a stellar roadshow with serious level-headed investors. We were very pleased with the visibility, the follow-up from the meetings was very prompt, making sure to keep the opportunity in the forefront of investors’ minds and getting clear yes/no decisions quickly. I highly recommend working with this group for companies serious about expanding their shareholder base in Europe.

Gerald E. Commissiong

President and CEO, Amarantus BioScience Holdings (OTCQX:AMBS)


may, 2019

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  • The HanseCoin tokenised securities based on codified, regulated rights in rem will substantially increase efficiencies in the transaction cost and time to market for financing RE projects, resulting in better yields for developers and investors.
  • The HanseCoin token’s liquidity enhancing fractional ownership brings fresh capital into RE as well as other hard asset classes and capital intensive projects.
  • Its tokenisation engine is versatile, the platform highly scalable and as a software design transferable to a wide variety of issuers and industries.
  • With its origins in global F/X brokerage CoinMetro’s 3 exchange services successfully launched at the end of 2018.
  • Capitalising on its large community CoinMetro expands rapidly, currently projecting EUR 4M in revenue this year and EUR 12M for 2020.
  • CoinMetro through its fintech technology gateway provides an ease of access for traditional market participants into crypto assets that is unmatched in the industry.

The HanseCoin/CoinMetro Management Team:

Kevin A. Murcko –  Two decades in F/X trading in North America and Asia, built visionary FXPIG and leveraged its design for the development of CoinMetro. Avid quantitative, programming and technology driven trader, early crypto adopter and cross-cultural team builder. Industry leading fin tech spokesman for a regulation embracing approach to allow blockchain to swiftly unfold its disruptive, transaction cost efficient and market changing impact.

Dr. Chris Kacher –   Ph.D. in nuclear physics at the University of California, Berkeley. Part of Nobel Laureate Prof. Seaborg’s team discovering element 110 (Darmstadtium) on the Periodic Table. Launched one of the first 3,000 websites in 1994. Six years of KPMG audited top end returns in the U.S. stock market as wealth manager for William O’Neill until end of 2001. Musician, trader, entrepreneur. Involved in Bitcoin and Ethereum development starting in January 2013, buying Bitcoin close to $10.

Axel L. Jacob –  Master in Business Administration and Quantitative Economics in Marburg and Vienna. Two decades in investment banking and structured asset finance for transportation, commercial real estate and energy with institutions including ING Barings, Babcock&Brown, Bank of America and merchant bank boutiques covering issuers in Europe and Russia as well as U.S. institutions. Ten years as private equity investor, leading a family office and its investment in real estate development and software design across Northern Europe.