SGF Monaco Summer Summit | July 8-9, 2020

Presenting company applications will be reviewed and you will be notified if your application has been accepted. Payment information MUST be provided for your application to be considered. If your application is accepted the conference fee will be processed immediately. Limited Presenting Company Agenda Slots are available.

You may contact SGF by emailing Andreea at to check availability.



Swiss Growth Forum (SGF) is pleased to invite you to present your company at SGF’s Winter Forum to be held July 8-9 in Monaco

Presenting company spots will be available on a first come, first serve basis and are limited. Late registrations are subject to waitlisting.

Presenting Company Benefits

  • Conference audience of 150+ Investment Bankers, Boutique Corp. Finance, Specialized Investment Brokerages, Private Equity Groups, Venture Capital Groups, Hedge-fund Managers, Institutional Investors, and other domestic and international industry professionals.
  • Formal 20 minute presentation to entire audience; Up to 15 one-on-one meetings with industry professionals.
  • Full access to SGF’s Data Room Directory of Financial Professionals.
  • Video Interview conducted at SGF’s Conference, viewable on SGF’s website, Media website, YouTube and available to you.
  • Inclusion in SGF generated a pre-conference press release.
  • A free press release announcing your presentation at SGF’s Conference and additional Company information.



Each item in this application packet must be completed and returned together with payment in full of all applicable fees before presentation times on the agenda for the upcoming conference will be confirmed.

Payment must be made in full, in advance, via invoice or by bank transfer:

ABA: 026009593
Routing: 122400724
Account: 501019084037
Account Name: Continental Access Ltd.

Bank of America
1100 N. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89074
Telephone: +1702-654- 6300

ETH Wallet Address: 0x987ac95470f3a925D6bd7f83C9909CdC71425fc6


You are welcome to attend all conference functions. All registered conference attendees will receive a Conference Agenda immediately prior to the event. All presenting companies will receive a registered attendee list in their conference packet upon conclusion of the Conference.

All licensed representatives in SGF’s network regardless of conference attendance will be able to view presenting company information after the conference through SGF’s Data Room accessible on SGF’s website.

Please note – The formal presentations are typically the beginning of your company’s efforts to raise capital and increase its profile in the investment community. We would like to encourage you to follow up the meeting presentations by contacting SGF members in attendance and on a continued basis.


Presenters can bring packets for distribution. All information packets will be displayed on tables, set for that purpose only, convenient to the general session meeting room. Space is limited, and only paper marketing materials will be displayed on this table space. Note: Materials must arrive at the conference site by July 6 for setup. Please put your Company’s name on each box sent, and also number boxes “1 of 4”, “2 of 4” and so on. Do not address boxes to yourself. If you do, they may not be delivered to the SGF registration area for set up prior to conference registration.



The management of each company on the conference agenda will be allowed a 20-minute presentation on Wednesday, July 8th or Thursday, July 9th. This time should be used to highlight your company’s attractive features, your objectives in presenting to the attendees. Your company’s success in attaining its financial objective is strongly impacted by the effectiveness of your presentation to the SGF attendees. It is imperative that you design and deliver a focused presentation that best portrays your corporate identity and operating success. We encourage you to have your company’s representatives rehearse their presentation. It is time well spent. You may also contact SGF to schedule a complimentary pre-conference Conference Call for additional practice, exposure and feedback. The general session meeting room is setup classroom style for approximately 200+ attendees.

Presentations are made from a podium located on a raised platform in the front of the room. Each presentation is a strictly timed and 20-minutes in length. This begins with the SGF sponsor, introducing the presenting company. Please keep in mind that the introductory remarks are part of the presentation time and that the timer will be activated as soon as the first remarks are made.


The Presenting company will have table space on July 8 or 9 to conduct one-on-one meetings after lunch. You will be provided the necessary information for the purpose of scheduling your one-on-one meetings with conference attendees. These meetings can be in time increments of your choosing. Conference Attendees will have the option to reach out to you personally prior to the conference to schedule a one-on-one meeting.


  • 20-Minute General Session: we provide all the equipment necessary to run PC-compatible PowerPoint presentations during the 20-Minute General Session, provided that the PowerPoint is presented on one of the following media: compatible key drive, zip disk (containing a non- compressed file), CD-ROM or DVD. Please give the presentation to the A/V Staff at least an hour before your assigned presentation time, cued up and ready to go. You are encouraged to email the presentation to Christine at, prior to the conference. You may also give your presentation to SGF Staff upon your arrival, for a trial run to be performed on the hotel’s audio-visual equipment.
  • To avoid confusion at the time of presentation, be sure your presentation is the ONLY FILE on the media you choose. PC compatible presentations are preferred. If you have a Mac presentation, make sure that it is PC compatible. Please keep in mind that these are 20-minute timed presentations. Therefore, there is no extra time allotted to search through multiple files. All presentations will be directed from the back of the room at the audio/visual station on the A/V staff’s computers. You will not be able to control the presentation from your laptop. Presenters will push a button at the podium, that will signal technicians to advance the slides on the main screen.


Presenting Company Fee: $12,995

The fee includes all meals, cocktail parties and events for three (3) members of your company’s management team, as well as dedicated booth space during the conference. The booth space provided will have a skirted table and chairs. If you need an easel, power, internet, or additional equipment such as a monitor, you will need to make arrangements with SGF prior to the conference. Additional charges may apply.

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Representative #2

Representative #3

All prospective SGF presenting companies must complete and return this data form before a presentation time will be assigned.
Payment is due 2 business days after application form is sent, otherwise we cannot guarantee your slot.
We urge you to consult with your MGF Client Relations Manager to ensure both the accuracy and effectiveness of your responses.

Stock Overview (if applicable):

Company Overview:

Investment Highlights:

Selected Financial Highlights (A indicates Actual, E indicates Estimated) Fiscal Years Ending: