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Swiss Growth Forum (SGF) is pleased to announce the launch of its new Growth Forum Partner Program. Growing out of a long-term network of recommenders, associates, colleagues and friends, this new Partner Program permits partners all over the world to sell the “Growth Forum” family of services under a common brand, while maintaining individual control over their own clients.

Leveraging Swiss Growth Forum CEO Andreea Porcelli’s 23 years of successful Investor Relations and Finance Services, Growth Forum Partners will now be able to sign up as either Gold or Platinum partners, and provide the entire family of Growth Forum services to their clients and customers.

We cover 14 major financial centers around the world and are the only IR firm to hold over 90 events per year in these locations: Luxembourg, Geneva, Zurich, Moscow, Monaco, Milan, London, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. Our roadshows offer an audience of at least 150 investors per week in 5 locations. We can easily fit into the IR plan of any public or private company that wants to increase their institutional ownership and liquidity. We consult on initial and dual listings for private and public companies on 4 recognized EU Exchanges as well as Bermuda.

In addition, SGF believes a sound fundamental research process is central to effective company funding decisions. It makes little sense for companies either to attempt to raise expansion capital or to maintain a listing without effective, supportive research; which is why Evergreen by SGF is proud of our exclusive Research and Analysis service aimed at Growth Companies worldwide.

SGF also has substantial media presence that our Partners can offer to clients. We can arrange not only media coverage through our extensive 22,000 investor database and 40,000 Twitter followers, but have conducted over 100 interviews with CEOs at global forums such as Davos and at the NASDAQ Market site in New York City.

Part of this program includes experience in the blockchain space through the International ICO Channel. If you click here, you can see more information about “Bringing IPOs and STOs into the Limelight through Top Financial Media Outlets”

Sell our extensive list of services


Growth Forum Partners have the unique ability to provide their clients with the widest variety of services available to help organizations looking to raise money and create liquidity for their stockholders, including:

  • Quarterly Forums and dedicated Roadshows bringing in around 150 investors in 14 cities around the world.
  • Consulting Services on listing and dual-listing companies on four recognized European exchanges as well as Bermuda.

Global Brand Recognition


Monaco Growth Forum and Swiss Growth Forum have built huge brand recognition over 23 years. Come join us in one of two Partnership levels –
Gold or Platinum.
Growth Forum Partners can realize significant revenue with minimal or full-time effort, all supported by SGF’s global brand and experience management team.

Custom Evergreen Research


Chris Wickham – Senior Equity Analyst at Equity Development and CEO/Founder of CWIC Equity Solutions Ltd – is pleased to act as an operating partner and advisor within Evergreen by SGF’s exciting and growing research offering. Evergreen’s research reports are the product of detailed and intensive analysis of companies’ products and services, their addressable markets, senior management expertise and, not surprisingly, revenue and earnings prospects as well as balance sheet strength and future cash generation. Evergreen believes also that no investment analysis process is complete without an objective look at valuation.

andreea porcelli

Founder and CEO of Swiss Growth Forum 

From CEO andreea porcelli:

“It became obvious a few weeks ago that we could formalize our activities as a Partner Program, and thereby be able to give partners all the tools we have proven over 20 plus years while maintaining the incredible branding that Monaco Growth Forum and Swiss Growth Forum have had through the years. We expect shortly to announce our first Partnerships, and are actively seeking another 8-10 around the world over the next 24 months.”

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WHAT CEO’S ARE SAYING ABOUT Swiss Growth Forum services

“Apollo Enterprise Solutions has not met any company akin to SGF, Ltd.’s Roadshows that can assist us in getting our message out and sitting in front of the multitude and quality of institutional funds in continental Europe and the United Kingdom. The Continental Access team is unmatched in the industry. ”

Joseph Konowiecki, Chairman and CEO of Apollo Enterprise Solutions (AES:BH)

“Here (Swiss Growth Forums) we found an investor for several million dollars! It was unbelievable!”

Valeriya Udalova, CEO of Cryogen

“SGF puts together a stellar roadshow with serious level-headed investors. We were very pleased with the visibility, the follow-up from the meetings was very prompt, making sure to keep the opportunity in the forefront of investors’ minds and getting clear yes/no decisions quickly. I highly recommend working with this group for companies serious about expanding their shareholder base in Europe.”

Gerald E. Commissiong President and CEO, Amarantus BioScience Holdings (OTCQX:AMBS)