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Swiss Growth Forum announces the launch of Evergreen Research Briefs to complement our Institutional IR distribution across multiple platforms to over 450,000 investors in 28 countries.

April 8, 2020: At a time when in-person investor meetings are on hold, Swiss Growth Forum is adapting to expand its virtual communication programs for its clients. Part of that is the launch of its Evergreen Research Briefs program for ventures seeking to raise early-stage expansion capital.

Evergreen Research Briefs are a cost-effective direct messaging tool for companies. SGF supplements these briefs with strong messaging, a robust target market of investors and by facilitating conference calls and roadshows.

The launch of our Research Briefs service is another example of how Swiss Growth Forum provides supportive, high quality and in-depth investment research for its fundraising clients. SGF’s reputation was built on the excellence of its Forums both in Continental Europe and other international locations. However, SGF has more recently stepped up its research activities with the launch of Evergreen Research Briefs, of which this update about SGF is an example. Two recent client briefs are also shared to demonstrate their ability to convey a venture’s message and investment value.

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Prior Releases for Client Briefs – EverGreen By SGF Research Reports

May 10, 2019:  

Evergreen by SGF is proud to launch our exclusive Research and Analysis service aimed at Growth Companies Worldwide like Fox Automotive. Our distribution to over 18,000 institutions in 14 countries is unparalleled.

Chris Wickham – analyst at Equity Development and founder-CEO of CWIC ES Ltd made the following comment:

With its unique appearance, central driver position, 130km/h top speed and ‘charge anywhere’ battery, it’s hard to see both drivers and investors not being impressed with MIA and keen to get on board,”

Chris, who is research consultant to Evergreen, also comments that “MIA is a project being driven by Fox Automotive’s highly driven and very talented management team spearheaded by Patrick Bigger and Andreas Kratzer.”  Chris was very impressed by their ability to “see around the corners and marry great motoring understanding with an appreciation of shareholders’ needs.

April 16, 2019:

Chris Wickham – Senior Equity Analyst at Equity Development and CEO/Founder of CWIC Equity Solutions Ltd – is pleased to act as an operating partner and advisor within Evergreen’s exciting and growing research offering.  He believes that a sound fundamental research process is central to effective decisions.  It makes little sense in his view for companies either to attempt to raise expansion capital or to maintain a listing without effective, supportive research.

Evergreen’s research reports are the product of detailed and intensive analysis of companies’ products and services, their addressable markets, senior management expertise and, not surprisingly, revenue and earnings prospects as well as balance sheet strength and future cash generation.  Evergreen believes also that no investment analysis process is complete without an objective look at valuation.

Gopher Protocol Inc. excited Chris Wickham very much from the moment he first met CEO Doug Davis and learned about both Wireless Mesh Networking and the Internet of Things.  Coupled with its AI efforts, Gopher Protocol enjoys the potential to be a major investment play on IoT.  Moreover, the benefits of the company’s prepaid business, which uses the company’s key proprietary technologies,  has potential to be overlooked.

Evergreen published a comprehensive report into Gopher Protocol on 1st April 2019 in the aftermath of the company releasing its 2018 financial results.   As well as commenting on the macro backdrop, the report highlighted the benefits of the Guardian self-adhesive strap and the Gopher Insight™ platform for Asset Tracking.   Chris Wickham commented that it might not be before too long that consumers query how they every managed without Gopher Protocol’s technologies.

Gopher Protocol to Pursue Luxembourg Listing, Engages Luxembourg Law Firm

Pictured Above: Doug Davis, CEO of Gopher Protocol Inc. presenting  in London and Lugano during their International Roadshow with Swiss Growth Forum

Luxembourg MTF Exchange Dual Listing

April 12, 2019:  Gopher Protocol, Inc. (OTC OB: “GOPH”) announces that it is applying for a dual listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s Euro MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility, which represents 40% of all the securities listed on the LuxSE, making it the largest MTF of its kind in Europe).

Gopher Protocol has engaged a leading Luxembourg-based law firm to manage the listing. The Luxembourg Stock Exchange listing would increase the company’s investor base and add to shareholder diversity, as well as create market awareness of its products in Europe.

We are very impressed with the LuxSE MTF and how it attracts all kinds of international issuers ranging from emerging market sovereign issuers to top financial institutions” said Doug Davis, Gopher’s CEO, “we are very impressed with the process of listing and with the broad appeal of the MTF to investors all across Europe”.. 

Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Swiss Growth Forum, states, “Gopher Protocol is one of a few US companies recognizing the investment value of being listed in Luxembourg, one of the most international institutional markets in the world. We look forward to working together on a successful dual listing.

About Gopher Protocol Inc.
Gopher Protocol is an Artificial Intelligence and Wireless Mesh Networking software and chip design company developing revolutionary technology platforms that will change the way people communicate and interact with the Internet of Things.  GopherInsight™ platforms guided by its Avant! AI, will be compatible with the microchips of digital devices including cell phones, mobile apps, computers, tablets, and tracking devices with access to conventional Wi-Fi networks in order to increase performance. Learn more about Gopher Protocol Inc. at gopherprotocol.com

For more information on Gopher Protocol Inc., contact: 
Doug Davis ,  CEO
VM Only 888-685-7336
Media: press@gopherprotocol.com

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