Block Trades, Direct Private Investments & Non-Recourse Loans

Stock Loan Solutions (SLS) is currently seeking direct investment opportunities in Cannabis companies.

Additionally, SLS’ core program is built around non-recourse & interest only notes that are secured by free trading shares. SLS’ revolutionary securities lending program called StockLoan 101 is a non-recourse loan against shares of both marginable and non-marginable securities. The stock loan amount is dependent on characteristics of the individual security including number of shares, price, volatility, and other criteria.

Simply transfer your stock to SLS and agree to make quarterly interest payments during the life of the loan, and in exchange, SLS will provide a loan against the value of the stock. Once the stock loan is fully repaid, the stock will be transferred back to the borrower.

All of our stock loans continue to give our clients safe and completely confidential access to the underlying value of their securities even when they cannot be sold. For people who need access to capital quickly when they cannot sell their stock, a stock loan is ideal:

  • 40-60% LTV
  • 6-8% Interest
  • 3-year note

Easy Application Process For Lending Program

The process with Stock Loan Solutions is quite straightforward. First, complete the short 1-minute application and we will submit your stock symbol into our software which will run a pre-qualification analysis for a quote!

There is no application fee, credit checks, or income requirements. A member of our team will contact you, answer questions and create a loan contract with value, duration, and payment terms. The final step is to deposit the funds to your account for you to use as you need!

Block Trades

Do you own a large position in a company with limited liquidity? We’re willing to evaluate your position and purchase at a discounted rate. Contact us for a review.