October 25, 2019 – Swiss Growth Forum is excited to announce that CEO, Andreea Porcelli, will be co-hosting a series of interviews live from the NASDAQ MarketSite with Jane King, Business Anchor at the NASDAQ MarketSite, on November 13th. These series of interviews, titled “Exclusive E.U. CEO Day at the NASDAQ MarketSite”, will illuminate the advantages of dual-listing in the EU and U.S. and ways Swiss Growth Forum can help achieve this.
“The EU is my second home and also where Swiss Growth Forum has been active for over 20 years. It is also home to hundreds of innovative public companies. We want to place a special focus on the CEO’s of those companies in our monthly series of interviews dedicated to them!”
~ Andreea Porcelli

Interested in participating in the E.U. NASDAQ CEO Day?

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