Hayver Corp Has Completed its Swiss Growth Forum Investor Roadshow


London, September 25, 2019 – Hayver Corp. completed their EU Roadshow at a Luncheon in Luxembourg last Friday after stops in other top European cities including Monaco, Milan, and Frankfurt. Barry Hayut, Founder and CEO of Hayver Corp. wishes to extend his thanks to any and all investors who listened to his presentations about the Hayver Platform across the EU.

Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Swiss Growth Forum, stated, “Hayver is providing solutions for some of the most pressing issues of our society; reducing substance abuse, prisoner’s recidivism rate and illegal immigrants through monitoring, accountability and rewards. We are very excited to assist them in the listing of their company on the Euronext and in introducing key investors and managers for their EU operations”.

Barry Hayut, Founder & CEO of Hayver says, “The roadshow was very productive, we met many potential investors that have indicated an interest in Hayver and the upcoming listing on the Euronext Access. We look forward to expand our operations in Europe to help reduce substance abuse, inmates’ recidivism rate and illegal immigration across Europe. We want to thank Andreea Porcelli and and her team for the instrumental and effective support they have provided during the roadshow and the follow up with the investors and the listing process”.

About Hayver Corp:

Hayver develops, markets, and operates an innovative population management, accountability and tracking platform. The end-to-end service includes the deployment of a secure proprietary wristwatch and/or any smart device, allowing for 24/7 electronic monitoring and 2-way communication to facilitate monitoring protocols and timely responses and the  enforcement of geo-location protocols to any individual or group. The Hayver system, based on proven methods reduce recidivism for released prisoners, help people overcome drug and alcohol addiction and improve the illegal immigration process.

Hayver’s solution is positioned to capitalize on strong trends in the addiction market, including the rising population of addicts and people under the supervision of the justice system, and the lack of monitoring as a standard treatment option. The Hayver platform, which includes intelligent random testing, P2P (peer-to-peer) support group involvement and rewards, offers a greater chance of recovery/abstinence within 5 years compared to currently available alternatives.

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