Swiss Growth Forum Proudly Supports the AFS Initiative to Provide Study Abroad Scholarships Worldwide!
We are excited to announce a fund raising campaign going towards scholarships awarded by Intercultura Onlus and AFS Intercultural Programs. These scholarships support international studies and intercultural dialogue for young high school students in need. 

Fund raising will take place through the sale of the book Pedalando Coast to Coast, about six “young men” in their seventies revisiting America (four of them on their bicycles) 50 years after their AFS student exchange program.
Vincenzo Morlini had this to say: “Global competence education achieved through international studies builds the leaders of tomorrow. Access to this type of education should not be a privilege of a few, but needs to be offered to many young people; more global citizens are needed to make the world a better place for everyone”. Vincenzo Morlini is the former Executive Director Intercultura Onlus, Italy and former President and CEO AFS Intercultural Programs, New York.

Andreea Porcelli commented: “My experience as an international student in 3 countries was instrumental in developing an international career. SGF is excited to contribute to these scholarships for students from around the world who are not afraid to go outside of their comfort zone in these challenging times”.
Intercultura Onlus is the Italian representative of AFS Intercultural Programs (New York), to promote international studies, student exchanges and intercultural dialogue by means of a network of thousands of volunteers in Italy and more than 60 countries of the world. Intercultura is member of EFIL, European Federation for Intercultural Learning (Brussels), and it is accredited at UNESCO and the Council of Europe.