June 4, 2019 – We are pleased to announce that Global Financial Network UK will be presenting at the SGF Spring Summit 2019. GFN will be presenting at the Spring Summit on June 11th in London at the Brown’s Hotel and in Luxembourg June 12th – 13th at House 17 and Hotel Le Royal. GFN is creating a global super-brand network as an introducer and arranger in matching private companies wishing to raise growth capital with those wanting to invest, via an appropriate licensed broker/intermediary chosen from GFN’s database.

GFN is also hosting a group luncheon presentation on Friday, June 4th at 12:30 in House 17 Restaurant, we welcome both investors and financial professionals to learn more about GFN and becoming part of their network. The SGF Spring Summit will be hosted by Andreea Porcelli, Founder:

About Global Finance Network

GFN intends to create a ‘super-brand’ on a global scale. Via its subsidiary companies, it is an introducer and arranger, matching private companies wishing to raise money with those wanting to invest, via an appropriate, licensed broker/intermediary chosen by each company from GFN’s database. Matching is undertaken by reference to sector,
geography and deal size preferences, having checked all parties, including company management & amp; Board, before registering them on the GFN platform.

The Company’s website sets out the GFN proposition and processes, including pricing.

Please visit the site for the near-final (non-public) version and to view the CEO’s introductory video. Arrangements are contracted or agreed subject to contract, with all key business partners and service suppliers.