Global Finance Network:

GFN intends to create a ‘super-brand’ on a global scale. Via its subsidiary companies, it is an introducer and arranger, matching private companies wishing to raise money with those wanting to invest, via an appropriate, licensed broker/intermediary chosen by each company from GFN’s database. Matching is undertaken by reference to sector, geography and deal size preferences, having checked all parties, including company management & amp; Board, before registering them on the GFN platform.

The Company’s website sets out the GFN proposition and processes, including pricing.

Please visit the site for the near-final (non-public) version and to view the CEO’s introductory video. Arrangements are contracted or agreed subject to contract, with all key business partners and service suppliers.

·       GFN is not a broker, its network matches private growth companies seeking expansion capital directly with investors seeking investment opportunities

·       The GFN network can revolutionize the way private companies raise capital quickly and cost effectively

·       For a nominal fee, investors can view quality investments in sectors that they are interested in as well as choosing risk profiles that they are comfortable with

·       GFN expects to be a global leader in bringing investment capital together at reasonable terms for both companies and investors alike