Announcing the launch of Why MIA™!

June 3, 2019  – Fox Automotive Switzerland AG, along with the Swiss Growth Forum Spring Summit 2019, is launching its “Why MIA™” campaign.  The MIA sub-compact EV is the most affordable and fastest charging electric vehicle on the market today:
Why MIA™?  The MIA is here, a revolutionary car for EV transportation that is uniquely different. The MIA is an urban sub-compact electric vehicle that retails for €13,000 and comes as a 3 or 4-seater, or as a longer commercial delivery vehicle.  With its LIGHT™ battery manufactured in Germany, the MIA takes a full charge in 7 – 10 minutes on a supercharger or in 3 hours on a normal 220V outlet, with a range of 200km.  The MIA’s cost of operation is approximately €1 per 100km.  MIA’s patented dual sliding doors and a central driver’s position make it an exceedingly flexible city vehicle!
The MIA is the EV for the next generation of EV drivers:  It’s affordable, clean urban transportation for people who are environmentally conscious, demand fast and convenient charging, and can travel in tight urban streets and parking.  The MIA is reliable, easy to operate, and above all has a no-low carbon footprint.  MIA is manufactured in Hungary at its efficient quality-controlled plant designed by German engineers.  
The MIA is a break-through that everyone is looking for in the EV market:  It is competitive in a market dominated by old-line combustion engine manufacturers and high-end priced EV competitors that do not reach out to the next generation of mass market drivers who are seeking clean, affordable and reliable green transportation.  No one can match the MIA’s price point, fast charging time, and availability to the new generation of EV drivers! 
Check out the new MIA™