Pictured Above: Axel L. Jacob presenting HanseCoin together with Dr. Chris Kacher in Geneva.

European Investor Roadshow to Follow Presentation


First mover advantage + Disintermediation of multi-trillion dollars/euros in hard assets + White labelling/passive income = Exponential revenue growth

HanseCoin is one of the world’s first regulated companies to tokenise hard assets in development. They are raising capital for permitted project developments employing timeless, solid usufructus structures. Our platform reduces costs while boosting efficiencies for developers. Investors profit from the cost and time saved resulting in better yields. Liquidity enhancing fractional ownership brings fresh capital into asset intensive projects.

Nine Simple Items

  • First-mover Advantage – One of the first companies to put real estate and other hard assets including plant, machinery, equipment on the Blockchain.

  • Highly Respected Institutions – Working with PWC Legal, EY on tax, the Estonian Regulator on the FinTech side, and our project partners such as Value One, Uusmaa and Capital Mill for the underlying real estate.

  • Exchange Listings – To be traded on regulated exchanges such as Börse Stuttgart as tokenized securities and supported by market making brokerage firms such as CoinMetro.

  • Technology – Solid Blockchain technology applied properly greatly lowers transaction costs, fund structure, and admin as well as distribution costs across the board from project inception to completion.

  • Demand – Leading developers and sponsors across Europe wish to onboard their projects onto the HanseCoin platform for up to 50 projects with a total placement volume of EUR 252 mln for the first year.

  • Regulatory Compliant – Regulatory passporting capacity into the majority of EU markets and capacity to go beyond.

  • Client Access to Higher Yield – Development projects ultimately generate higher yield potential, and HanseCoin makes these accessible with low transaction cost to retail investors and people who are not classic development investors at a time of historically low interest rates.

  • Risk Mitigation – Diversification opportunity to peg capital to the value of the underlying hard assets.

  • Ongoing Transaction & Success Fee Generation / White Labeling – The platform generates ongoing small transaction fees per project token placement and all subsequent trades by the participant. The more projects onboarded and Participants won, the higher the token liquidity and overall fee base. Each underlying project generates success fees which are shared between Participants and the platform as Issuer.

Pictured Above: Kevin Murcko (left) presenting CoinMetro with Dr. Kacher (right) presenting HanseCoin in Lugano.



CoinMetro is a one-of-a-kind, licensed and regulated financial platform that delivers mobility between blockchain based digital assets and traditional markets. Through a tokenized ecosystem, CoinMetro provides users a friendly gateway, allowing our clients to get involved in the crypto and wider fintech space with an ease of access not yet seen in the industry. 

Their three exchange and trading platforms were successfully launched in Q4 2018 and are LIVE. They are currently making improvements and releasing additional features (such as ETCFs, TAM, ICO Express, Banking Services including IBAN and DebitCard) 

Within one year, CoinMetro has built a dedicated community of over 43,000 actively engaged supporters, 372 active trading clients (based on March 19th figures).

We believe that regulation is not only inevitable for the cryptocurrency market, it’s welcomed as a crucial element for the industry to achieve mass-adoption. Regulation is the only way of guaranteeing the highest and best level of protection for our customers. We already hold the Estonian Virtual Currency Exchange and the Virtual Currency Wallet (eWallet) license. For our expanding market coverage, we actively pursue AML, e-money, Portfolio Management, and MTF (Multilateral Trading Facility) type licenses in Mexico, Australia, and Estonia (EFSA).

Kevin Murcko of CoinMetro (centre) mingling with investors after the two companies presented in Lugano.

Biographies of attending executives: 

Kevin A. Murcko. Two decades in F/X trading in North America and Asia, built visionary FXPIG and leveraged its design for the development of CoinMetro. Avid quantitative, programming and technology driven trader, early crypto adopter and cross-cultural team builder. Industry leading fin tech spokesman for a regulation embracing approach to allow blockchain to swiftly unfold its disruptive, transaction cost efficient and market changing impact.    

Dr. Chris Kacher –   Ph.D. in nuclear physics at the University of California, Berkeley. As part of Nobel Laureate Prof. Seaborg’s team, helped to discover element 110 (Darmstadtium) on the Periodic Table. Launched one of the first 3,000 websites in 1994. Six years of KPMG audited top end returns in the U.S. stock market through 2002; wealth manager for Investor’s Business Daily founder and market wizard William O’Neil. Musician, trader, entrepreneur. Involved in Bitcoin and Ethereum development starting in January 2013, started trading cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin close to $10 then ethereum in 2015 when it was cents on the dollar.   

Axel L. Jacob. Master in Business Administration and Quantitative Economics in Marburg and Vienna. Two decades in investment banking and structured asset finance for transportation, commercial real estate and energy with institutions including ING Barings, Babcock&Brown, Bank of America and merchant bank boutiques covering issuers in Europe and Russia as well as U.S. institutions. Ten years as private equity investor, leading a family office and its investment in real estate development and software design across Northern Europe.

Forward-Looking Statements

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