Pictured Above: Doug Davis, CEO of Gopher Protocol Inc. presenting  in London and Lugano during their latest International Roadshow with Swiss Growth Forum hosted by Andreea Porcelli
April 2, 2019:  Evergreen, the operating and utility platform for Swiss Growth Forum, is pleased to announce that it is initiating research coverage of US technology specialist Gopher Protocol Inc. 

Chris Wickham – analyst at Equity Development and founder-CEO of CWIC ES Ltd made the following comment:-

“In years to come, we may well look back at Gopher Protocol and its pioneering commitment to Wireless Mesh Technology and ask ourselves how did we ever live without it?” 

The company’s product enables “things” proactively to communicate with each other, embracing the spirit of both AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (internet of things). 

Furthermore, Chris appeared impressed by both the company’s senior management team and corporate structure. 

“Doug comes across as a man who knows and believes passionately in his industry and its growth potential. Moreover, it makes sense that a business like prepaid is championed – both for its cash generation and its offer of a route to market.”Click Here to read the Gopher Protocol Research Report

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About Gopher Protocol Inc.
Gopher Protocol is an Artificial Intelligence software and chip design company developing revolutionary technology platforms that will change the way people interact with the Internet of Things.  GopherInsight™ platforms interact internally with the microchips of digital devices including cell phones, mobile apps, computers, tablets, and tracking devices with access to conventional WiFi networks in order to increase performance. Learn more about Gopher Protocol Inc. atgopherprotocol.comFor more information on Gopher Protocol Inc., contact: 
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