March 6, 2019:  
Gopher Protocol, Inc. (OTC BB: “GOPH”) announces that it is applying for a co-listing on the Euronext Access market.  Gopher has engaged the Paris-based listing sponsor and brokerage firm Midcap Partners for the co-listing.  Midcap Partners is one of the largest listing sponsors in Europe for Euronext new issues.  The Euronext co-listing would increase the company’s investor base and add to shareholder diversity, as well as create market awareness of its products in Europe.

“We appreciate the hospitality and enthusiasm that everyone in Europe and the UK have shown us during our roadshow presentations. Many people have told us that we have an exciting story to tell regarding Gopher Protocol, and we look forward to further conversations with potential investors and partners” said Doug Davis, Gopher’s CEO. 

Swiss Growth Forum has recently completed an EU public relations roadshow for Gopher,and continues to provide international exposure for the Gopher Euronext co-listing. 

Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Swiss Growth Forum, states “We received a warm reception from Gopher Protocol in Europe and the UK.  SGF is looking forward to working with Midcap Partners for a successful co-listing.”

Further enhancing its liquidity and balance sheet cash position, on February 27 Gopher entered into a note purchase agreement with Iliad Research and Trading LP in which the company issued a promissory note for a principal amount of $2,325,000.  Iliad gave consideration of $2,025,000.00 for the note, and the outstanding balance is to be paid in one year.  The note accrues at the rate of 10% per annum compounding daily.  Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the note, the company may prepay all or any portion of the outstanding balance at any time in cash equal to 120% of the amount repaid.
About Gopher Protocol Inc.
Gopher Protocol is an Artificial Intelligence software and chip design company developing revolutionary technology platforms that will change the way people interact with the Internet of Things.  GopherInsight™ platforms interact internally with the microchips of digital devices including cell phones, mobile apps, computers, tablets, and tracking devices with access to conventional WiFi networks in order to increase performance. Learn more about Gopher Protocol Inc. atgopherprotocol.comFor more information on Gopher Protocol Inc., contact: 
Doug Davis ,  CEO
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