Jon Najarian and Andreea Porcelli hosted over 50 international investors at a private Davos reception  for the launch of Evergreen Token. The reception featured a panel discussing “From Chaos to Clarity.” 

Panelists included Hans Kuhn from Working Group Blockchain Law, Simon Morgenthaler of  Swissquote Bank, Mauro Casellini of Bank Frick, Isabella Brom from Bitcoin Association, Reto Fierz of CrowdliToken, and Andreea Porcelli of Evergreen Token.

Andreea said of the event…“It was great to see the international panelists and audience engage in this very current topic about how to get to the next level with investing in digital assets. We believe Evergreen offers a multi-faceted solution to companies launching STO’s or other types of financial offerings. We add transparency and organization to what has mainly been a chaotic process.”

Jon Najarian of CNBC, who moderated the panel, noted…“We were lucky to have international experts in banking and regulation. Both banking and regulation are central to the growth of digital assets. It seems 2019 will be a year of growth and acceptance of digital assets as the investors in the crowd had renewed enthusiasm after a tough 2018.”