And Learn Why CROWDLITOKEN Is Not Correlated With Cryptomarkets

CROWDLITOKEN is excited to announce that they are co-sponsoring an exclusive Cocktail Reception in Davos during the Davos World Economic Forum on 22nd January 2019 with Swiss Growth Forum. The event will also feature live coverage from the International ICO/STO Channel hosted by Jon Najarian of CNBC. The theme of this exclusive investor event is “From Chaos to Clarity; Shaping the Future of Digital Assets in 2019.”  The Cocktail Reception will be from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Davoserhof.

CROWDLITOKEN – No Correlation to Cryptomarkets
It’s not a cryptocurrency but a new generation financial security!
Since early November 2018, leading Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and alike lost 50% or more in value in low trading volumes. Also, non-compliant offers or even scams have left doubts on the trustworthiness of  ICO’s. Quite understandably, sentiment within the Community is currently rather bearish, in need of positive news, regulatory supervision and best practice governance.  
Security Tokens are very clearly the future of digital investing! They are much rather a digital revolution to well-known investment products than an evolution of existing Cryptocurrencies. Security Tokens combine elements of traditional financial instruments with features of the highly innovative digital world, which is only possible because they are issued and transferred on the Blockchain. Security Tokens allow commonly used financial investment products to commercially become more flexible, cost-effective and innovative on a fully regulated base.
CROWDLITOKEN is a global showcase and first mover of such a “Next Generation Investment Product”. CROWDLITOKEN is a digital representation of a structured bond which digitalizes both, the bond and the underlying Real Estate investments. The bond is backed by high yield investment properties in Core Central Europe, allowing for full participation in comprehensive property-returns and the tailoring of a hand-picked, individual property portfolio. CROWDLITOKEN is an inflation-protected bond with a yield of 5-7%. It’s easy to handle, liquid, fully transparent, and provides banking-standard levels of trustworthiness.
The entire value-chain in Real Estate is still executed in traditional currency (FIAT) but CROWDLITOKEN is ready to execute investments in FIAT and Crypto which allows investors to freely manage their exposure to Crypto.
 Subscribe in FIAT and receive returns in FIAT to be fully ringfenced from current adverse sentiments on cryptocurrenciesSubscribe in FIAT and receive returns in Crypto to gradually build Crypto exposure as this could also be good entry valuationsSubscribe in Crypto and receive returns in Crypto to reduce volatility and to receive returns from real asset underlyingSubscribe in Crypto and choose to receive returns in FIAT to gradually reduce crypto-exposure 
CROWDLITOKEN is not a cryptocurrency but a security with maximum flexibility to tailor your Crypto exposure. Be proud to become a first mover in “Next Generation financial investment”; asset-backed and fully compliant. It’s the future! 
Learn more about CROWDLITOKEN by visiting and watch the IICO Channel’s exclusive interviews with CROWDLITOKEN from the SGF Fall Summit here.