WMPRO International LTD is enhancing the Initial Coin Offering sale for their Token, after a successful roadshow with Swiss Growth Forum in 6 European cities (Monaco, Geneva Zurich, Lugano, Milan, London), according to the particular moment in the cryptocurrency arena and to meet investors’ needs. They will now continue this exciting momentum at the SGF Fall Summit.


October 22, 2018: Wmpro International Ltd (WMPRO), the first Portable Personal Rating and Certification System, is updating the initial business model and Ico smart contract with a new one to generate a more dynamic and more competitive offer.

To accomplish this goal the team has already listed WMPRO on the Estonian exchanger CREX24, www.crex24.com uplifting the whole project to a new stage and level.

“We have been overwhelmed with interest and support on our international roadshow, and we are exploring any new listing technology and partnership that can allow us to build a long term winning token ecosystems” states Riccardo Vieri, the charismatic WMPRO Futurist.

These steps show how dynamic the team is in problem-solving and focused on achieving results and offer competitive solutions in a particular moment in the cryptocurrency market.

  • Wmpro is restyling the offer to allow more benefits and higher bonuses for investors and to bind the fundraising  in order not to be affected by the high variations of values that the market encountered over the last 90 days.
  • Wmpro also is building a pool with major investors to split a percentage on all global sales to grant a potential higher ROI
  • A Patent Pending process on this exclusive technology is in progress.
  • An exclusive deal with a direct selling company was reached so that rating services will be sold  face to face in 2-3 countries for an area test.

MVP product development is moving as planned and is going to be ready to be tested by users the beginning of November.

The Second Interview to WMPRO for the Tv show “Explore the Block” on Fox Business Network will be broadcasted on October 31st at 10:30 pm pacific / November 1st at 1:30am Est.

The team is available for private pre-sale agreements and deals for their Utility Token.

The project focus is to promote growth across the industry with their secure, decentralized, mobile, certified personal ranking system capable of providing transparent, reliable information on companies and operators.

Eucleia Platform and WMPRO seek to solve the problems connected to the marketing that has moved steadily into the digital world to include referral, word-of-mouth marketing, gig economy, social marketing. While this marketing method has many benefits, it is also plagued with inefficiencies including unreliable and inaccurate information without a defined source, a lack of ranking system, and no reliable check on the credentials and quality of the industry operators.

To continue this momentum, WMPRO Team will also participate in the Swiss Growth Forum Fall Blockchain Summit in Zurich and Como Lake on October 23-25th.

Learn More About the WMPRO at https://www.wmpro.io