September 10, 2018: WMPRO International LTD is currently conducting an Initial Coin Offering sale for their Token, and  just finished a successful roadshow with Swiss Growth Forum in 6 european cities (Monaco, Geneva Zurich, Lugano, Milan, London). To continue this momentum, they will be also be participating in the Swiss Growth Forum Fall Blockchain Summit in London and Zurich September 26-28th.

Over the last decade, marketing has moved steadily into the digital world to include referral and word-of-mouth marketing and gig economy. While this marketing method has many benefits, it is also plagued with inefficiencies including: unreliable and inaccurate information without a defined source, a lack of ranking system, and no way to check on the credentials and quality of those in the industry.

Eucleia Platform and WMPRO seek to resolve these issues and promote growth across the industry with their secure, decentralized, certified personal ranking system capable of providing transparent, reliable information on companies and operators.

The Eucleia Platform is unique in that it will leverage the security benefits of blockchain to authenticate users based on the volume and quality of their information uploads. This innovative, blockchain-based system called WMPRO will allow for real, reliable ratings for companies and their operators.

Additional benefits unique to Eucleia include:

  • Provides a secure and reliable personal rating system
  • Gives users a way to convert personal data and valuable information into token assets
  • Offers a transferable rating system with white label solution
  • Creates a smart contract system for consumer data selling
  • Supplies an e-commerce platform and retail services for market needs

Investment opportunities with Eucleia and WMPRO include:

  • Utility Token: Can be used to purchase premium services, unlimited contacts pitch and other professional services including web conferencing systems, live, virtual training sessions, industry-related books, autoresponders and tickets to relevant seminars.
  • Growing Token Need: the model adds old premium users plus new users to create a constant, growing Token demand and Token price.
With the premium users of the Utility Token’s forecasted to bypass the WMPRO availability within 8 months, demand is high and growing. The demo version is also available now and an MVP version will be available in October.

Ultimately, Eucleia fulfills a vital role in eliminating inefficiencies in the word-of-mouth market to make it safer and more reliable to use while also helping it expand in the future. The model for Token growth is also set to create a steady stream of demand.

For additional questions, comments and to learn more about investing with a private deal and special bonuses with this expanding blockchain environment, send a request of expression of interest (REOI) responding to this email adding in cc , click here for the full WMPRO company presentation and click here for the WMPRO features list, and visit us at .

WMPRO International LTD  roadshow in Monaco, Geneva, Zurich, Lugano, Milan, London