Daniel Orlow and Rick Boyd discuss the future of secure communications/transactions and the upcoming ICO on the IICO channel.


September 05, 2018: Rick Boyd, Hoyos Integrity SVP Sales and Marketing, and Daniel Orlow of Orlow & Orlow P.C. discuss Hoyos’ secure communication solution providing unparalleled protection in telecommunications and cryptocurrency exchanges. The Hoyos representatives sat down with Jon Najarian to discuss their proprietary cutting-edge security solution called Biometrika, which utilizes biometric and blockchain technology.

As hacking of personal financial and corporate data continues to grow exponentially, there is high demand for a REAL security solution for data and transactions in our wireless world. Hoyos Integrity, which is a US Federal Communications Commission-licensed telecommunications provider with global reach, is seeking to fill this demand with a secured solution built from the device up. Their mobile phones run on a proprietary OS which has historically only been available to the government and military but now will provide security to the public.

Additionally, Hoyos Integrity is bringing this same security to the Cryptocurrency Exchange market. Their crypto wallet utilizes the same biometric blockchain security to ensure transaction are authorized and secured.

On why Hoyos is bringing this device to market Boyd said,  “We watch the markets like everyone else and we see the hacks, the loss of value and loss of data and information taking place. And our founder, Hector Hoyos, has a vision of providing a truly secure platform and securing communication data. “

As part of this vision Hoyos Integrity offers these advantages in their security:

  • Privacy Assured Services
  • Invulnerable and Unhackable
  • All in One Device Security

Orlow elaborated on this, saying, “…it’s making privacy secure. It’s taking an operating system that has been available to the U.S. government for 20 years – never been hacked and the only one of its kind… It provides point to point security for data and transactions… We’re helping consumers realize a new level of security around their identity, their transactions and their communications so that people can feel safer.”

With their biometric blockchain security, Hoyos is making great strides in expanding acceptance of cryptocurrency which many still view as operating in an unsecure environment. “Confidence is key to (the  cryptocurrency market) being successful,” says Boyd “and people want to be confident that they can access and use (their crypto currency) when they need it, not have to wait five days for a transaction to be processed… we’ve taken the biometrics, the blockchain technology and put them together so people can have real time interactions that are secure.”

This is tied together by their development of a secure communication device, but the underlying technology to protect both transactions and communication are the same. Founder Hector Hoyos, with his background in biometrics has gathered a team including blockchain experts and encryption professionals with military background to ensure the integrity of the project.

“Making privacy secure requires a lot of innovation, a lifetime of diligence and effort. The executives at Hoyos are all extremely seasoned and everyone has a real passion for achieving that vision…” says Orlow.

Hoyos Integrity backs up their security claims by issuing an unprecedented challenge. The company’s founder, Hector Hoyos, broadcasted his personal security key and told people to take a picture of it – confident in the knowledge that biometrics would prevent the key from being used. No one, even after more than 325 attempts to steal the tokens, was able to and eventually hackers gave up.

Hoyos also recently completed a European Roadshow with Swiss Growth Forums in support of their ICO. For more information regarding the Hoyos RISEN coin (HIC), visit: https://www.hoyosrisen.io/

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