HIC Promotes Coin for Secure Smartphone with SGF


August 13, 2018: Hoyos Integrity Corporation (HIC), a US Federal Communications Commission-licensed global, secure telecommunications provider, is currently conducting an Initial Coin Offering pre-sale for their Token which will be available on the Swiss Stock Exchange by year-end and promoted with the help of Swiss Growth Forums, an exclusive conference highlighting growth companies.

HIC uses revolutionary new technology that puts an end to cyber-theft of crypto tokens, wallets and exchanges. This technology will also create a new smartphone built on the same military-grade operating system that secures the US weapons arsenal. With this exclusive and disruptive technology, HIC secures the bridge between Blockchain and the physical world, namely smartphones.

HIC’s unique service is powered by RISEN tokens currently on offer in its ICO pre-sale ending August 31st, 2018:

  • US $100m utility tokens that come with a 25% bonus during the pre-sale. Minimum purchase is US$ 1,000. Orders of US$ 50,000+ RISEN utility tokens come with a 35% bonus during the pre-sale.

RISEN utility tokens can be used to pay for service on the BIBLOS global network and coin trading. Liquidity is, therefore; practically guaranteed. For more info and to subscribe, visit Hoyos Risen Coin (https://www.hoyosrisen.io/) .


HIC Challenge 

HIC has issued a challenge: to prove their biometric lock, Biometrika Lock, is impenetrable, they have placed USD $100M in RISEN tokens in a wallet, published the private key, and challenged anyone to hack the wallet. If anyone can defeat the Hoyos biometric lock, Biometrika Lock, they can keep the US$100M in tokens.

Learn More About the Hoyos RISEN Challenge at https://www.hoyosrisen.io/challenge/


SIX Swiss Listing and Swiss Growth Forum

In preparation for their IPO listing on SIX Swiss Exchange, HIC is teaming up with Swiss Growth Forum (SGF) to promote their Coin, inform current and future investors, and finalize legal details regarding their ICO.

HIC has initiated the appropriate steps to price their IPO and list on the SIX and will conduct a pre-sale through August 31st. HIC has conducted several roadshows with SGF to major investment centers including London, Zurich, Lugano, Milan, Geneva, Dubai, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

During a recent interview on the International ICO Channel with host Jon Najarian , Hector Hoyos, founder and CEO/CTO with 100+ patents issued or pending, said

“ We have been overwhelmed with interest and support on our international roadshow, and we are only half-way through it. We are planning to open a subsidiary in Switzerland and with no less than five crypto exchanges already hacked this year, we are exploring SIX (Swiss International Exchange) listing that will place us at the forefront of secure service providers to major exchanges, banks and brokerage firms dealing with both crypto and traditional assets.”

HIC’s management has concluded an agreement to utilize the T-Mobile network to provide US nationwide data and voice packages to its BIBLOS clients with emphasis on enterprise and government. HIC also benefits from a stellar advisory board from the US defense and financial sectors, among others.