June 19, 2018 – Swiss Growth Forums by Andreea Porcelli is excited to announce that CoinBoost introduced CryptPro™ the World’s Marketplace for All Things Blockchain  at Swiss Growth Forums Summer Blockchain Summit in Monaco today and will present again in London June 21st.  CoinBoost is one of the 9 Presenting Companies participating in the 15th Edition of SGF’s Summer Blockchain Summit on June 18th-21st at The Riviera Marriott Hotel in Monaco and Dukes Hotel St. James in London.

CryptPro™, a registered product of CoinBoost, is the world’s marketplace for all things blockchain. They provide companies preparing to launch their ICOs with an interactive, Service Directory of the best vetted providers of crypto and blockchain services, all of whom have agreed in advance to accept tokens as either full or partial payment for services. They also offer a Crypto Job Seeker service whose candidates are experienced in the crypto space, and who have also agreed in advance to accept tokens for full or partial payment of services. Both of these offerings are interactive and “smart”: candidate firms and employees have star ratings similar to those in LinkedIn or Yelp, and contacts with such candidates include model contracts and hiring agreements, as well as expected salaries and costs for service.  The final step of the wizard is… ICO LAUNCHED!

CryptPro also proudly offers a Wizard. Users enter data specific to their offering, and their expert system creates a fully customized pathway forward, including lists of qualified and rated suppliers and employees from the Service Directory and the Crypto Job Seeker service.

CryptPro is already making waves at the Summer Blockchain Summit and is sure to continue impressing in London for the second half of the Summit. Learn more about CoinBoost at https://thecoinboost.io/.

About Swiss Growth Forums by Andreea Porcelli Ltd.
Swiss Growth Forums is an exclusive, invitation-only conference highlighting emerging blockchain companies seeking capital and/or greater exposure.  Based on more than 20 years’ experience as an international Investment Banker finding investors for small-cap and blockchain based companies on a world scale, SGF Founder and CEO Andrea Porcelli and her team select, by-invitation-only, companies seeking international investor exposure to present and then socialize over three days with institutional fund managers, private asset managers, high net worth individuals, industry-related sponsors and foundations – all selected on an exclusive basis. Learn more about Swiss Growth Forums at https://swissgrowthforum.io/