AerPass management just wrapped up a successful International Roadshow tour in the EU, UAE, Singapore and Hong Kong. The  tour helped garner momentum and investor interest around AerPass’ exciting vision around making the world of payments easier, faster, safer, and cheaper through the use of Blockchain and mobile technology.

” AerPass enjoyed a record investor audience both in the EU and Asia. We are certain that the Pre-ICO will close before they present at our Monaco/London Forum on June 18th – 21st” says Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Swiss Growth Forums.


AerPass is a mobile payment system that allows users to transact in a completely secure and hassle-free environment built atop the decentralized blockchain ledgers that ensure immutability and transparency of the highest order. The key to the power of the platform is the smart wallet that makes smarter, faster, better, cheaper, and safer payments a reality. Transactions on the platform take place between verified identities, which leads to confidence in payments and secures the information of the trading parties.

“We have been very impressed with and appreciative of the reception we’ve received in Europe Middle East and Asia. And we are particularly excited by the degree to which investors understand how unique the AerPass long term utility and demand model are for the token that will drive value for years to come.”  says Mike Donnell, Founder and CEO of AerPass.

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