Swiss Growth Forum by Andreea Porcelli is excited to announce CryptoProperties LLC (CPROP) as one of 12 Presenting Companies participating in the 12th Edition of SGF’s Spring Blockchain Edition 15th – 17th April at the Embassy of Grenada in Moscow. This exclusive event, co-hosted by Jon Najarian of CNBC, will allow top emerging Blockchain companies and established institutional investors, and industry professionals, the unique opportunity to network with one another.

CPROP’s mission is to develop and deliver blockchain-powered solutions that address acknowledged pain points in the global real estate industry. CPROP develops solutions that are technically and commercially viable without creating entirely new commercial paradigms that are difficult to implement. CPROP looks to establish commercial partnerships early-on to provide validation, accelerate speed to market, and ensure scalability. CPROP’s initial product aims to eliminate the largest inefficiencies associated with residential real estate transactions by merging the transparency and trust enabled by blockchain technology with its proprietary plug-and- play workflow management platform.  By partnering with existing property portals and large regional brokerages around the world, CPROP accelerates its speed to market while helping its portal partners increase their revenue opportunities and competitive differentiation. For property buyers, CPROP removes anxiety associated with long-distance transactions by providing blockchain-authenticated documents, smart contract escrows, process automation and options to choose user-rated service providers.  CPROP brings blockchain technology into the mainstream of global real estate while enhancing the integrity of the property closing process.

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