With a multitude of financial difficulties and patient privacy challenges facing the healthcare system, SimplyVital Health is creating pioneering solutions through HIPAA compliant blockchain technology.

During a recent interview with Jon Najarian on the International ICO Channel, founder Kat Kuzmeskas, discussed the role that SimplyVital will play in simplifying medical billing and expenses by connecting physicians and providers.

What Problem Does SimplyVital Solve? 

Currently, there is a great disconnect between providers and physicians which makes it extremely difficult to track what happens to a patient after they leave the hospital. With 73% of variable costs in Medicare coming from post-acute care, being able to track what happens to a patient would be a game changer in terms of financial goals within the system and for individual patients.


How is Blockchain Helping Move Data? 

The greatest barrier to moving patient data among providers is concern over privacy. SimplyVital’s use of HIPAA compliant blockchain technology allows for secure transmission of medical records, reducing redundancy and delays in billing. The result is a faster system with a higher degree of accuracy and greater control over medical records given to patients.

SimplyVital’s platform also creates a wide network of partners instead of competitors. By using a free, open-source protocol, SimplyVital allows medical companies to establish their own decentralized application on the company’s blockchain further promoting the goal of working together.

SimplyVital’s Token Sale

SimplyVital is raising funds through their token, Health Cash (HLTH) which will open revenue opportunities for both patients and providers. This will also help gain greater exposure for the application and allow the company to answer the flood of inbound requests to be included in the venture.

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