CEOs and key members of over a half-dozen companies will gather at the Blue Note Jazz Club in Milan to kickoff Monaco Growth Forums’ Blockchain Winter Edition, its 13th conference since 2016. The conference will serve host to a number of media outlets including Class CNBC, MF Dow Jones, and the International ICO Channel which serves as the first channel dedicated to the Blockchain universe.

The three-day conference will consist of a kickoff reception 6:30 PM on 29 January 2018 at the prestigious Blue Note Jazz Club in Milan with live entertainment provided by the Michelangelo Decorato Trio with special guest Linda Paganelli and live filming conducted by the IICO Channel over wine and cocktails. The conference continues the following day at the Grand Hotel de Milan with company presentations scheduled through the day from some of the most disruptive Blockchain innovators in the space, concluding with a seated gourmet luncheon, company one to one meetings, and an evening cocktail reception to network and discuss the future growth of cryptocurrency, ICOs and the International ICO Channel’s role in it all.

The final day of the conference shifts to the opulent city of Monte Carlo, as another day of presentations to an elite group of Institutional Investors and Fund Managers will take place at the Metropole Hotel. The days’ events all culminate with an exclusive Gala Cocktail Reception as well as a Gala Dinner at the renowned Maison Du Caviar, which is by invitation only.

The IICO Channel will focus on interviewing CEOs from prominent ICOs and other high-profile leaders in the crypto space. Addressing the widely growing interest in cryptocurrency, ICOs, Blockchain, and Bitcoin, the IICO Channel hosted by CNBC’s own Jon Najarian is poised to bridge the divide between Blockchain and mainstream media by offering distribution to traditional financial media outlets.

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