After successfully completing their token sale, The Divi Project Co-Founders Nick Saponaro and Geoff McCabe sat down with Jon Najarian on the International ICO channel to discuss the status of the current ICO market and how their token sale performed in comparison.

Divi, which seeks to make cryptocurrency easier to understand and accessible to more people, was Number 8 in the world token sale ranking during their crowdfunding time, despite dealing with what Saponaro referred to as “…a lot of fatigue in the (ICO) market.”

When asked how they were able to raise capital when investor funds were so scarce, Saponaro said it was “…all about the community that you build around your token… the community will propel you forward and it needs to grow organically, and you need to engage with them. That’s really what the game changer was for us.”

As the team’s focus has now shifted from marketing and ideas to practical demonstrations, McCabe says this is something that Divi would have put more resources into if they were launching their token sale now.


VIDEO: Exclusive Interview with Nick Saponaro Geoff McCabe, Founders of The Divi Project – After successfully launching their ICO, The Divi Project founders Nick Saponaro and Geoff McCabe sat down with Jon Najarian on the International ICO channel to discuss the changes in ICO investing and how their launch would be different now.

Saponaro went on to say that increasing regulations on cryptocurrencies would also change the landscape drastically and make launching a crowdsale significantly more expensive.

This also means that “…people who are participating in ICOs need to be vetted and prove to the exchanges that they’re not based on terrorist money or criminals,” McCabe added.

Despite these changes and potential increased difficulties, when Jon Najarian asked if they foresaw a softening in appetite for cryptocurrencies, McCabe replied: “I don’t think so because there are opportunities for people to put money into an ICO and do a hundred times their investment within just a few months…”

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