Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Monaco Growth Forums, is proud to present the first show devoted the hottest international ICO’s in partnership with renowned CNBC personality, Jon Najarian of Najarian Family Office. The Launch program featured 4 of the most explosive International ICO’s to come into the marketplace including Robomed, Open Goods, Agora, and ChainTrade. The CEOs were interviewed by Jon Najarian as well as by professional ICO Investor Lan Tschirky.

“Blockchain has attracted so many talented people from around the world,” Porcelli explained. “It allows companies and investors to meet without an intermediary and that is something that is rather novel and has not happened in our financial market in a very long time.”

The International ICO Channel will feature some of the most outstanding ICO companies – those about to do an offering and those who have completed an offering and raised significant amounts from institutional investors. Monaco Growth Forums will be delighted to introduce the most influential individuals active in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency domain. There will be worldwide coverage at events organized by Monaco Growth Forums. This will be the very first network dedicated to the “Blockchain Universe.”

“My counterparts, Class CNBC of Italy and MF DowJones, have been covering these events (MGF) lately,” shared Najarian. “The reason, of course, is the fact that there is so much interest in cryptocurrencies, ICOs, Blockchain, and of course, Bitcoin.”

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