Agora is a blockchain based software that enables secure and reliable online voting. It will be provided to governments and institutions as a cost-effective and tamper-proof solution, from voter registration to count. The purpose is to guarantee full transparency on voting results while protecting voters’ identities.

“A blockchain solution is really needed in this case because even though many governments have been thinking about adopting e-voting systems, they were reluctant mainly because of security issues. And they are right to be worried because of centralizing votes, having one and only centralized authority which manages the voting process, this could be hacked very easily. But when you have many different nodes around the network, it is very difficult to tamper with the results.”, explained Leonardo Gammar, CEO of Agora, whose background is financial engineering.

Agora is the first company to launch an ICO supervised and backed by a Top-10 Institute of Technology, the Swiss Institute of Technology in Lausanne.

“For developed countries, it is time to bridge the gap between 21st-century society and their current voting systems, and for developing countries, it is a first step towards rebuilding the trust that is lacking to attract investors. For both, it is an opportunity to save a lot of money and make citizens’ engagement easier.’’, added Leonardo Gammar.

Jon Najarian offered the following conclusion: “This could be both a solution to a fair election and perhaps a way to keep the violence down because people would believe the election result.”

Agora is one of the very few Blockchain-based endeavors whose purpose is to interact directly with governments and voting institutions and to be involved in the political process of democratic institutions, in developed and in developing countries, worldwide.

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