OpenGoods presented both in London and Monaco at the Monaco Growth Forum Blockchain Summit held on October 17th – 19th. CEO Troy Norcross introduced the vision of OpenGoods, which includes the transformation of the old-fashioned secretive and highly competitive world of commodity and security trading and make it transparent, visible and easily accessible. In addition, the company will run an incubator of startups and innovative enterprises who seek to bring a digital and decentralized mindset to the regulated securities and commodities space.

OpenGoods aims to be the most important platform for tokenized securities and commodities, with the benefit of a regulatory friendly environment.

Troy Norcross, the Chief Executive Officer of OpenGoods commented, “OpenGoods is actively engaging with regulators in multiple jurisdictions to identify exactly what is required in order to successfully become regulated. We will build a platform that is regulatory friendly and allow businesses a stable environment to succeed.”
About OpenGoods
OpenGoods Software is a Swiss-based software development and consultancy business-building solutions for regulated companies looking to move from legacy systems to the latest blockchain technology. Beyond software platform development, OpenGoods provides insight and guidance for its customers into achieving regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions. OpenGoods will have its ICO in Q1 2018 with first customers in early Q3 2018. Visit to be kept up to date on the ICO launch dates and other OpenGoods progress.