.October 11, 2017 – Monaco Growth Forums by Andreea Porcelli is excited to announce Shopin as one of 12 Presenting Companies participating in the 9th Edition of MGF’s Fall Conference on October 17th-19th at the Stafford Hotel in London and The Riviera Marriott Hotel in Monaco. This exclusive event will allow top emerging growth companies and established institutional investors, and industry professionals, the unique opportunity to network with one another.

Shopin (www.shopin.com) is a blockchain technology innovator that is uniting the open ecommerce web and retail into a distributed Amazon mesh network, connected by a universal shopper profile and incentive token.

Shopin gives shoppers the ability to manage and share their web-wide purchase history and verified shopping preferences with any retailer, resulting in more relevant product recommendations, which has proven to significantly increase transaction conversion up to 22%.

For the first time, retailers get a full view of the consumer across all retailers based on purchase history, as well as out-of-the-box GDPR compliance. Shoppers are in control of their data and get Amazon-like benefits across the web such as:

1. accurate recommendations on every site they visit
2. centralized shipping tracking, order management quick checkout
3. sharing their profile with friends and family so they get gifts that fit their size and taste.

By building on the blockchain, all purchase data is attestable and user’s profile data cannot be hacked thanks to non-centralized data storage.

Shopin have launched a private pre-tokensale, targeting a public tokensale in February 2018. Major US crypto, VC and hedge funds, and cofounders of Ethereum are already participating.

The Shopin team is made up of Priceline engineers and startup veterans with over 15 years of relative industry experience each.

For more information on Shopin visit www.shopin.com ortokenpresale.shopin.com