We are excited to announce our media partner for the MGF Blockchain Edition. Class CNBC will initiate their live coverage of Monaco Growth Forums in Monaco on Wednesday, October 18th during our Welcome CEOs Reception at the Yacht Club Wine Palace. They will be filming throughout the day on Thursday the 19th at the Riviera Marriott Hotel and capturing the presentations of the more than 20 Blockchain CEOs and Presenters. CEO interviews will be conducted throughout the day and our Gala Reception and Dinner will also be covered by the Class CNBC team.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Class CNBC as our media partner for this groundbreaking event,” said Andreea Porcelli, CEO and Founder of Monaco Growth Forums. “This is our 9th Edition of Monaco Growth Forums in just under 2 years and we believe that the business media has acknowledged that we are becoming the benchmark for international conferences focusing on such hot sectors as Blockchain Technology. We are thrilled to give this unparalleled media exposure to the companies presenting at MGF.”

We look forward to welcoming our media partners back for our Holiday Blockchain Edition in London and Geneva on November 29th – December 1st.


Co-Founder, CRYPTOLAB S.A.
Paolo is an Investor and entrepreneur in the blockchain Arena. Co-founder of Cryptolab S.A. an Investment Advisory company for institutional investors and a provider of a financial report on the Cryptocurrency market – www.bigbit.club.
Co-Founder, WINGS
Dominik is a co-founder of WINGS, a community of project backers which evaluates ICOs responsible for
over $300M in funding, and Head of Communications at WINGS Stiftung.