July 31, 2017 – At the Summer Edition of Monaco Growth Forums, Angel Versetti, CEO of Ambrosus, presented and live-demonstrated the blockchain protocol for Ambrosus, the world’s first trusted ecosystem for food. Built through the combination of smart contracts, blockchain protocol and high-tech sensors, Ambrosus assures quality, safety and origins of food products in the supply chains.

Angel Versetti said: “I have been amazed at the level of reception that Ambrosus received from the attendees of Monaco Growth Forum. Many of them are invested in the food industry, or other fields where quality assurance matters, such as pharmaceuticals, and they saw a clear transformative potential of Ambrosus for the global supply chains. I originally planned to leave Monaco the day after the event, but stayed a few days more to close the deals. Likewise, my “lunch meeting”, which started with the interested parties had to be finished at 7PM, and even then only when the meeting room attendees were closing the venue. Marvellous to see smart money seeing a solid opportunity in us. Monaco Growth Forum was thus great success for us.”

Ambrosus is the first blockchain in the world to solve the scalability and automatization issues necessary to create blockchain-powered supply chains. Many contenders have tried that before, with no success. With the launch at Monaco Growth Forum, Ambrosus has started the process of revealing the results of their work in the previous stealth mode, with the protocol code now being revealed on their github, technical papers released and upcoming demo version of smart-contract powered marketplace and commodities trading platform run on the blockchain.

The reason for success of Ambrosus has been the world-leading alliance of legendary figures from the domains of Blockchain, IoT and food science coupled with some of the world’s leading stakeholders: Ethereum Co-Founder and Inventor of Solidity Dr Gavin Wood, Provenance Co-Founder and former Head of Security at Ethereum Dr Jutta Steiner, EVRYTHNG and Web of Things Co-Founder Dr Vlad Trifa, EPFL Food and Nutrition Center Founding Managing Director Dr Stefan Meyer, world leading IoT/sensor researchers with affiliations with Harvard, EPFL and University of Leeds Prof Jean-Paul Sandoz, Prof Malcolm Povey, Prof Sandro Carrara and Prof Esther Amstad, Global R&D Program Lead at Nestle Dr Fabiola Dionisi, leading blockchain team leads Matthew Roberts and Marek Kirejczyk are some of the key people involved with building Ambrosus.

Financing comes from private sources as well as the Government of the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland; Operational Support comes from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology; United Nations accepted Ambrosus as Member of the Advisory Committee of Sustainable Food, to implement this solution for Sustainable Development Goals. European Union’s R&D Branch EIT Food has formally endorsed Ambrosus, and so did the President of the Swiss Quality Control Association (SQS). Ambrosus is working with several large food producers, food processing companies, and distributors and has signed partners with networks of thousands of shops, restaurants and hotels. It has entered the prestigious MassChallenge programme in the FoodTech vertical. Ambrosus has been featured or won awards in some of the top global startup conferences worldwide, including Hello Tomorrow, Start Global, Pioneers Festival, WEBIT, Riot Festival and has been invited to showcase the technology at the United Nations Global Food Conference and the leading Swiss agricultural exposition Brennpunkt Nahrung. Legal support is provided by MME, whereas technical support comes from Parity Technologies, the leading infrastructure provider for Ethereum, as well as Microsoft BizSpark.

Ambrosus is preparing the public offering of its cryptocurrency Amber in September this year. Amber will serve as the backbone of the global food quality and safety assurance and will create the first ubiquitous solution for quality, safety, and origins of products in the supply chains.For more information visit www.ambrosus.com.

Ambrosus Co-Founder and CEO Angel Versetti is available for interview

About Ambrosus
Founded in 2016 by Angel Versetti and Dr. Stefan Meyer, Ambrosus is the world’s first publicly verifiable and community-driven system to assure the quality, safety, and origins of food. Combining high-tech sensors, blockchain technology, and smart contracts, Ambrosus will provide transparency for the entire food ecosystem, from farm to fork, aiming to overcome the current deficiencies and challenges of current global food supply chains and markets. With an underlying ERC20-standard token called Amber, Ambrosus will complete an initial coin offering in September 2017 that will serve to fuel the development of the Ambrosus ecosystem.Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, Ambrosus’ Core Technology Partner is Parity Technologies, with Dr. Gavin Wood and Dr. Jutta Steiner featured as key advisors on the project.

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