Wheat Ridge, Colorado—Zero E Technologies, LLC, an innovative electric motor company advancing more efficient power use and sustainable growth in developing countries, is pleased to announce that the Company’s CEO will be exhibiting its initial commercial offering, the ZEUS Motor™, during presentations and one-on-one meetings to potential investors and strategic partners, as part of its exclusive participation in the Monaco Growth Forums Ltd. UAE Tech Tour in Dubai and Abu Dhabi from February 20-23, 2017.

According to an IEA study, 46% of all electricity generated worldwide is used to power electric motors. Thus the market opportunity is enormous, with industry estimates suggesting that the global market for 10-30 HP motors is 7 million new units annually, an $18 billion market, of which OEMs account for $10 billion. These motors can be used as generators thereby opening the door to other markets such as distributed power generation and wind turbines.

The ZEUS Motor™ is a high performance electric motor for use in industrial and other applications.  The broad implementation of the Company’s offerings will lead to a reduction in power use, a reduction in emissions, and will help developing countries to grow sustainably through the use of high efficiency motors. Moreover, Zero E Technologies’ flagship technology   has four advantages over conventional motors:

  • Efficiency: ZEUS Motor™ is believed to be the most efficient motor ever developed, and the first to reach the newly proposed IE5/Ultra Premium efficiency standards.
  • Size: It is very small, a fraction of the size of conventional motors.
  • Robust: ZEUS Motor™ is very robust, which is an important property of industrial motors that are expected to operate non-stop at full power for many years.
  • Cost: Since the motor utilizes less than half the material used in conventional motors, it is expected to become the least expensive motor on the market when in full production.

Tom Hopkins, Chief Executive Officer of Zero E Technologies, noted, “What we are presenting is a platform for a whole line of motors from 1 to 100 HP (horse power).  We’re starting immediately with nine motors that range from 15 to 50 HP and that, remarkably, all use the exact same case.  This allows for big economies of scale.”

Initially Zero E is focusing on OEMs–original equipment manufacturers that put a motor inside their product, e.g., fans, compressors, pumps, conveyors, material processors.  These OEMs account for 60% of new motor sales and the initial response has been very positive. Hopkins observed, “Suddenly high efficiency motors are much desired as their use is the fastest way to reduce emissions and to reduce global warming.”

The ZEUS Motor™ took seven years and $6.5 million to develop.  The end result: it is better than conventional motors in all ways, making it potential disruptive.  This opens the door to an aggressive international strategy that will allow Zero E to “blitzscale”, i.e., go global quickly.  The motors are so light-weight that they can be air-freighted anywhere in the world in two days or in some cases, overnight.  Zero E is in discussions with several key international groups to set up locally-owned motor assembly operations and to serve their home and regional markets.

Tom Hopkins commented, “I look forward to introducing Zero E with its unique approach and transformative products to hundreds of qualified and institutional investors along with potential strategic partners. Monaco Growth Forums is providing us with a rare opportunity to meet with some of the leading financial and industrial players in the region via this premier technology company roadshow. We believe this event could potentially serve as a catalyst for our future global efforts and initiatives.”

Andreea Porcelli, CEO of Monaco Growth Forums Ltd., noted the significance of this unique investor event.  “We are thrilled to introduce high growth companies to a select audience in the U.A.E. on an ongoing basis; Zeroetech is a great example of such a company.”

For more information or to RSVP for the Tech Tour’s events and one-on-one investor meetings with Zero E Technologies, contact Sevinc Bermek, Events Coordinator: sbermek@monacogrowthforums.com or visit http://swissgrowthforum.io/.

About Zero E Technologies, LLC

Zero E Technologies, LLC designs, develops, and manufactures highly efficient permanent magnet motors, known as the ZEUS Motor™ using a platform that is readily adapted to a range of power outputs. The Company seeks more efficient power use and to help developing nations grow sustainably.  The ZEUS Motor™ is slated for commercialization beginning in 2017. According to an IEA study, the market opportunity is enormous with 7 million new (10 – 30 HP) units procured each year, representing an $18 billion market. When Zero E’s full product line is rolled out, the potential market will double. The ZEUS Motor™ offers very high efficiency, small size, robustness, and is potentially less expensive to manufacture than conventional motors. Moreover, it is potentially disruptive of major markets. Zero E is currently targeting OEMs that use motors in their products (fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors, etc.) and that account for 60% of new motor sales.  Zero E aims to “blitzscale” by going international with local partners serving other countries and regions. For more information, please visit http://www.zeroetech.com/.

Tom Hopkins, CEO
Zero E Technologies, LLC
Email: Hopkins@zeroetech.com
Phone: 970.390.6607