Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. (“AES”) (AES:BH; OAL:GR) and Universal Care, Inc. doing business as Brand New Day HMO (“BND”) have announced that AES’ breakthrough PsyBuild™ Psychographic Persuasion® Technology will be used to build BND’s next generation member experience portal dedicated to Medicare open enrollment and chronic disease enrollment. AES’s PsyBuild™ Psychographic Persuasion® system dramatically enhances the member experience and conversion rates of users of websites, omni-channel communications, and other digital media. “As the leader in advancing the science of customer experience, AES is proud to have been selected by BND to help them develop the next generation website for chronic Medicare enrollees,” said Joseph Konowiecki, President and CEO of AES. He continued, “By integrating behavioral psychology and linguistics science with the latest in software technology, AES will assist BND to deliver a unique, compelling, and emotionally engaging experience to Medicare enrollees, making it easier to understand the Medicare open enrollment options and special chronic treatment services available from BND.”

About AES
AES’ TRUE™ System, powered by its patented Agent Emulation® and Psychographic Persuasion® technologies, enables healthcare organizations, banks, utilities, merchandisers, and other enterprises to enhance the member, customer, and clients experience while materially increasing conversion rates for enrollments, products, services and payments. Psychographic Persuasion® uses advanced behavioral psychology, linguistics, and artificial intelligence to persuade consumers to take immediate action, at any time, from anywhere using any smart device. The TRUE™ System is available on all continents through third-party Certified Systems Integrators and Consultants, supported by AES offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, and Milan. AES owns one of the largest worldwide portfolios of customer experience patents. More information about Apollo Enterprise Solutions, Ltd. (AES:BH; OAL:GR) is available at http://www.aestrue.com.