Platform aims to disrupt the current process of bringing Health Innovations to market

August 9, 2016 – At the Summer Edition of the Monaco Growth Forums (July 26-27), HealthEffect CEO, Dr. Ronnie Hershman, unveiled his company’s healthcare-specific marketplace wherein a global community collaborates to bring medical innovations to market.

Dr. Hershman stated, “While thousands of potential medical breakthroughs manage to get patented each year, a lack of capital or leadership means most never get to market. Just as Uber disrupted the transportation industry and Airbnb disrupted hospitality, HealthEffect is aiming to have a disruptive effect on Healthcare Innovation by connecting Health Innovators with stakeholders in the Medical Community.”

By combining a Collaboration Platform, Crowdfunding Portal, and Talent Marketplace into a single platform, HealthEffect is bringing the power of collaboration, the power of the crowd and the power of connective economic technology together to advance Health Innovation. On the HealthEffect platform, Innovators post their projects and their immediate goals. Influencers post their education and experience. Potential collaborators are then identified and connected. Communication is initiated and compensation is determined. Project teams are formed, collaboration occurs in real time and innovation happens efficiently.

HealthEffect is powered by real-time collaboration, graph computing technology, algorithmic user matching & learning and transaction in cash and equity. The Company is led by highly-experienced medical professionals/entrepreneurs. Dr. Hershman is a Cardiologist and Angel Investor with decades of experience in both.

HealthEffect is currently raising capital. To participate, please contact or visit

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