CommunityLeader Founder and CEO, Joseph Barisonzi, will present at the Summer Edition of the Monaco Growth Forums, scheduled at the Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel on Tuesday, July 26th at 11:00 am CET in Monte Carlo.

CommunityLeader is a software and service provider for digital investment platform. Launched in 2014, CLi designs, develops and services digital platforms for the solicitation, sale and support of private and exempt securities. As a leading provider of private-labeled integrates investment platforms, CLi’s clients are licensed intermediaries, large scale producers and innovative new startups in the alternative and private capital markets.

Mr. Barisonzi stated, “I am pleased to have an opportunity to share with the participants of the MGF our deep experience in designing, building and launching digital platforms for the solicitation and sale of private and exempt securities. As users and prospective clients of our services, the attendees with have a unique perspective on the versatility of our robust and compliant private-labeled solution. ”

About Monaco Growth Forums by Andreea Porcelli Ltd.

Monaco Growth Forums is an exclusive, invitation-only conference highlighting growth companies seeking capital and/or greater exposure. Based on more than 20 years’ experience as an international Investment Banker finding investors for small cap companies on a world scale, MGF Founder and President Andrea Porcelli and her team select, by invitation-only, companies seeking international investor exposure to present and then socialize over three days with institutional fund managers, private asset managers, high net worth individuals, industry-related sponsors and foundations – all selected on an exclusive basis.