General Partner Garrett Van Wagoner of the new World Renowned Silicon Valley Associates Impact will present at the Summer Edition.

Monaco, June 3, 2016 – Mr. Van Wagoner will be a Keynote Speaker during the kick-off cocktail reception on Tuesday evening, June 27th at the Le Meridien L’Intempo Bar.  He will be speaking on the topic of the Public/Private company ecosystem and best practices in identifying and investing in private equity.

Mr. Van Wagoner stated, “I am pleased to attend MGF, which is developing an almost cult following on the Continent, and to have the opportunity to present the Silicon Valley Associates Impact I Fund to a very discerning audience. Our deep experience in both public and private investing will let us identify and participate with what we believe to be one of the most dynamic growth opportunities in the next decade.”

Garrett Van Wagoner has an outstanding track record in identifying and investing in emerging technologies winning the Lipper Performance Achievement Award five times, running the best performing small-cap growth fund in 1993 – 1995 as well as best performing mid-cap growth fund in 1999 and 2008. In addition, highlights from his venture capital portfolio include 25 IPO’s and 26 portfolio sales.