HealthEffect CEO, Dr. Ronnie Hershman, will present at the Summer Edition of the Monaco Growth Forums

June 5, 2016 – HealthEffect CEO, Dr. Ronnie Hershman, will present at the Summer Edition of the Monaco Growth Forums, scheduled at the Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel on July 25th-27th in Monte Carlo.

HealthEffect is a healthcare-specific talent marketplace where a global community can impact health innovations, by easily collaborating to help medical entrepreneurs make progress. They are preparing for a beta-launch this summer.

HealthEffect leverages emerging technologies in the domains of Talent Marketplaces, Crowdsolving, and Equity Crowdfunding, to bring medical innovations to market quickly and efficiently.  HealthEffect’s platform is well suited for medical startups, but works equally as well for established legacy players such as Big Pharma, health plan providers and medical research labs.

Dr. Hershman stated, “While thousands of potential medical breakthroughs get patented each year, a lack of capital, leadership or time means that most never get to market.  HealthEffect develops these breakthroughs online, within an open Innovation platform. Medical Innovators accelerate their Innovations by finding the right talent and expertise to bring them to market, while Healthcare Influencers lend their expertise and earn compensation in cash or equity.  I am pleased to attend the Summer Edition of MGF which is focusing on healthcare, and to have the opportunity to present our platform to industry stakeholders, healthcare funds, and to other healthcare-related investors.”